Oct 20

Royal Thai Army Disaster Relief Center cope with heavy rain and flash floods

by Kittima Chanwattanasil
October 6, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand – Royal Thai Army Disaster Relief Center coordinated to all Thai Army ’s division to prepare all the tools and manpower to cope with heavy rain and flash floods. Royal Thai Army Disaster Relief Center sent the officer teams to inform people in risk areas and to facilitate during the flood, according to Deputy spokesman of Royal Thai Army Sirichan Ngathong.

Because at the beginning of October, there are heavy rain in many areas in Thailand from the influence of the monsoon. It may cause flooding in many areas and on 9-12 October 2015, a high pressure from China will extend to cover Thailand ’s area while the intense monsoon lies across the northern, the upper of central region and the northeast of Thailand. It can cause heavy to very heavy rain in those areas.

Now, Royal Thai Army Disaster Relief Center prepared to cope with the upcoming flooding , they’re fully prepared to take care with the possible casualties.

The Disaster Relief Center of the 1st Royal Thai Army sent the soldiers to facilitated the traffic and checked the risk areas that are flooded. And the Royal Thai Army officer coordinated the District Office for the drain in those areas including the evacuation helping that they operated until the situation improved.

However, the soldiers will special assist in traffic in a large urban area with heavy rains for the people who use the road get a minimal impact.

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