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Royal Thai Army hosts ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet (AARM 2015) from 7-28 November 2015

The Royal Thai Army (RTA) hosts ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet (AARM 2015) from 7-28 November 2015 at Infantry Center Fort Thanarat Camp, Pranburi District, Prachuabkirikan province. There are 10 participating member countries and including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Philipines, Singapore, Combodia, Burma, Laos, and Vietnam.

The Asean Armies Rifle Meet (AARM) is an annual shooting competition participated by ASEAN Armies. It is not only a gathering of the best shooters from ASEAN Armies to compete and test their shooting skills in this prestigious event, but it is also aimed to further strengthen friendship and comraderies amongst the shooters which contributes to strengthening the already existing cooperation amongst the ASEAN Armies. Thus enhancing the regional peace and security.


AARM History:

aarmlogoAARM firstly hosted by Malaysia Army in 1991 according to the vision of the Commander in Chief of Malaysia’s Army who suggested Commanders in Chief of ASEAN member countries that their armies should participated in a military activity together. AARM, therefore, was the conclusion with agreement as following:

1. Shooters from each member country participated in 2 competitions of AARM (Rifle and pistol) with their own weapons. Malaysia organized the 1st AARM.

2. The next host was arranged as the order as following
2.1 Malaysia AARM 1991
2.2 Indonesia AARM 1992
2.3 Brunei Darussalam AARM 1993
2.4 Thailand AARM 1994
2.5 Philippines AARM 1995
2.6 Singapore AARM 1996
Note: There were 6 ASEAN member countries at that time so that was AARM first round.

3. The host of AARM has to specify disciplines of the AARM competitions and organized the meeting over such disciplines including be responsible of accommodations, 3 daily meals, facilitators, weapons and amnunitions. In AARM 1997 which was the starting of 2nd round, there was a discussion among 6 ASEAN member countries. It concluded that they should have neutral rules and regulations with international standard in AARM. As a result, each member has to create competitions of each weapon before considering the correctness and appropriateness for finalizing the AARM rules and regulations that we have taken until now. The AARM 2nd round host was as following:
3.1 Malaysia AARM 1997
3.2 Indonesia AARM 1998
3.3 Brunei Darussalam AARM 1999
3.4 Thailand AARM 2000
3.5 Philippines AARM 2001
3.6 Singapore AARM 2002
Note: In AARM 2000 which was hosted by Royal Thai Army, there was some intuitiveness:

10 ASEAN member countries participated in AARM.
Royal Thai Army firstly proposed ACAMM (ASEAN Chief of Armies Multilateral Meeting) since that every member which has been AARM host, at the same time, has organized ACAMM.

AARM 2003 was the start of 3rd round of AARM. The host was as follow:
1 Malaysia AARM 2003
2 Indonesia AARM 2004
3 Brunei Darussalam AARM 2005
4 Vietnam AARM 2006
5 Thailand AARM 2007
6 Philippines AARM 2008
7 Singapore AARM 2009
Note: In 3rd round of AARM, Vietnam was the new ASEAN member who asked to be the host of AARM 2006.

4th round of AARM was in 2010, its host was as following:
1. Malaysia AARM 2010
2. Indonesia AARM 2011
3. Brunei Darussalam AARM 2012
4. Myanmar AARM 2013
5. Vietnam AARM 2014
6. Thailand AARM 2015 latest

Since AARM in 1991 to AARM 1999, there was not ACAMM until in 2000, Thailand hosted 10th AARM and 1st ACAMM. After that, we organized AARM at the same time of ACAMM every year until nowadays. In 2011, Indonesian Army hosted 21st AARM and created another meeting which was 1st ASMAM (1st ASEAN Sergeant Major Annual Meeting). Its objective was giving opportunity for noncommissioned officers of ASEAN armies to know one another and exchange experiences among them. The 3 military activities have been so useful for ASEAN armies.
Army Tactical Shooting Team and staff
1. Pistol (Ladies) 5 shooters, 4 matches
2. Pistol (Men) 5 shooters, 5 matches
3. Carbine 5 shooters, 5 matches
4. Rifle 10 shooters, 5 matches
5. Machine Gun 6 shooters, 3 matches

Shooters in total 31 shooters, 22 matches
Staff 24 staff
Team in total 55 people

AARM 2015 is 25th time and the 4th time that Royal Thai Army has been the host. Among 4 new ASEAN member countries which are Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, there are only 2 countries which get honor to be AARM host (Vietnam for AARM 13th in 2006 and Myanmar in 2013), while the other is not ready. However, we hope 2 other countries will get such honor soon according to the AARM objective which was specified in 1991 that armies of ASEAN member countries should have an opportunity to be AARM host.
AARM Competitions Rewards

3 types of AARM Rewards
– Individual match
– Team match
– Team Falling Plates match

Classify as follow:
1. Individual match 5 rewards 1 reward per weapon (trophy)
2. Team match 5 rewards 1 reward per weapon (trophy)
3. Team Falling Plates match 5 rewards 1 reward per weapon (trophy)

Total 15 rewards


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