Office of the Army Comptroller

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Office of the Army Comptroller ( )
The Office of the Army Comptroller is an organic unit of the RTA and uses the table of distribution of 1600 to allocate duties and personnel.
1. Missions

Planning, managing, coordinating, and overseeing all matters concerning finance, accounting, internal auditing, public sector development, resources management, management of information technology, and survey table of distribution unit within the Royal Thai Army (RTA). The Office of the Army Comptroller also research and develop Comptroller matters including monitor and control the Finance Department as well as the Audit Agency to set up the mission, keep the agency in order and management. The Army Comptroller is the head of the office.
2. Allocation The Office of the Army Comptroller is an organic units of the RTA.
3. Responsibilities

  • Administrate, develop, implement, and advice all matters regarding to the budget plan.
  • Administrate and develop different types of accounting, control and monitor budget, accounts, finance, and assets and develop internal auditing within the RTA.
  • Administrate and develop management resources, set up management doctrine, and educate matters regarding to duties of the Comptroller within the RTA.
  • Administrate, develop, and make the inspection and analyze statistics, including control reports of the RTA.
  • Plan, direct, organize, and make the inspection and management matter, work load, personnel, and developing the table of distribution unit arrangement within the RTA.
  • Administrate, develop, implement, and control of the automatic information supporting the RTA unit including personnel training.

4. Unit Allocations

  • Administrative Division
  • Budget Division
  • Accounting Division
  • Management Division
  • Review and Analysis Division
  • Surveillance and Unit Arrangement Division
  • Resource Management Division
  • Data Processing Coordination Center
  • Public Sector Development Division

5. Important Positions

  • Army Comptroller
  • Deputy Army Comptroller
  • Assistant Army Comptroller
  • Director ………. Division
  • Director ………. Center
  • Staff Officer, Office
  • Senior Staff, Officer
  • Deputy Director ………. Division
  • Deputy Director ………. Center
  • Chief ………. Division
  • Deputy Chief ………. Division
  • Chief ………. Section
  • Attached to ………. Division
  • Attached to ………. Section
  • Attached to ……….

The Symbol of The Office of the Army Comptroller
– There is a symbol of the office of the Army Comptroller which every unit
has a symbol that shows their missions, capabilities, and their duties.
– The Brahma stationed on top of the lotus represents successful resulting on the goals set.
– The Brahma’s upper right hand holding magical spectacles represents surveillance.
– The Brahma’s lower right hand holding calabash represents mercy and giving.
– The Brahma’s upper left hand holding the scripture represents tradition that must be upheld and world-wide knowledge.
– The Brahma’s lower left hand holding the magic stick represents power.

Under the station there are three gears supported by bouquet which represents honor and victory over all obstacles by using resources such as men, money, and materials to its full potential.

On the top of the symbol, there is the name “Office of the Army Comptroller” written in Thai and at the bottom the name is written in English. Between the words there are stars which symbolize of the staff missions which are planning, directing, coordinating, and monitoring and control.